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Carpet can be broken down into its fiber types, style types, and wear gradings.


Wool is a natural fibre with the best ratings for VOC emissions and great for allergy sufferers. It is the most resilient for fire damage and treated against staining. It has a soft, unmistakable wool feel.


known for its ultra fine fibre and exceptionally soft feel, alpaca is a natural fiber, like wool it is great for allergy sufferers and its fire retardant properties.


We specify in Solution dyed nylon, which undergoes the process of dying when the fibre is being made, rather than adding it after. this makes the colour much more resilient overtime to fading. Nylon is great for Stain resistence across the board, with strong structural stability of the fibres.


Great for commercial applications as a sturdy loop pile carpet, it is an affordable and durable carpet option.


Australian carpet mark


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Fibre Styles:

Different cuts of carpet present varying textures, use’s and patterns. Picking the right one for your home or business is made easy with this cut guide.



Loop piles have always been known for their hard wearing, stain resistant characteristics. with no exposed fibre ends loop is easy to care for and experiences no shading or tracking of any kind. the loo construction provides a wide range of style versatility. the perfect cut for someone looking to really add a new flavour to the room.



Cut Loop

the most unique carpet style, cut-loops combine the feel of a cut pile carpet, and the durability of a loop to showcase unique patterns and textures acheivable.




Known for its velour feel and seamless monotone look. plush carpets are an exceptional choice to accommodate rooms without taking over, or a contemporary polished feel.




the perfect mid-point between feel and durability, twist carpets salt and pepper-like look camouflages stains and foot tracking. perfect for any area of the house.