The Wall T Wall Company began in 1975 with a focus on quality products and expert advice. Spanning 3 generations of independent operation, we have cultivated a reputation across Eastern Melbourne as a destination for personalised Floor & Window Covering solutions.

Our laid back, friendly service is something customers have always recognised and appreciated. Now in our 46th year of operation, we have friends, children, and grandchildren of past customers coming back for a similar experience.

We are passionate about products that intersect durability and sustainability. New Zealand Wool carpets, responsibly sourced Timbers, and recycled Underlays are just a few such examples. Our products wear exceptionally well over a long lifespan, representing a great choice for both you and the environment.

Looking to the future, Wall T Wall continues to strive for excellence in our Service, Products, and Installation. We want choosing your Floor & Window Coverings to be a simple process, and one that adds character and value to your home.


Wall T Wall’s Ringwood Showroom is a great place to get inspired about your next project.

You won’t find an endless and confusing range on display. Instead, we carefully select products from our favourite manufacturers, while still providing ample style options for every budget.


Large displays enable you to look, touch, and understand the products. Carpets, Timber, and Fabrics can be laid out to create a mood board, along with paint swatches and rug samples to complete the look.

Our Showroom consultants offer expert design and planning advice for those who need it. If you’ve come to us with a vision fully formed, discuss it with our friendly staff and we’ll find the products that match to bring it to life.

Our Process

Our consultation process always begins by listening to your specific style, budget, and wear requirements. Our team draws on extensive product knowledge and sampling resources to provide you with clear and relevant advice for your next project. It is vital that your Floor & Window Coverings are installed properly to get the best out of them for years to come. Careful planning goes into delivering all of our products, with carpet in particular requiring an added touch to achieve stunning results.


A team member visits your project to consult on material choice & accurately measure the area. We then draw these plans to scale to calculate the total meterage, and carefully position carpet joins only where required.


The Cutting Room has always been a key part of our service. Your scaled plans are taken by our experienced cutter to shape your carpet and precisely weld joins where necessary. A quality Dunlop underlay is allocated, and your goods are stored securely until installation.


Our seasoned installation team have a great respect for the materials they are dealing with. Your Flooring is prepped, cut, stretched, and finished with care and precision to ensure it looks & performs its best for many years to come.


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