Frequently Asked Questions

All clients are welcome to borrow samples for a 2-3 day period in as many styles as desired. Replacement penalties can possibly occur if a longer time frame has not been pre-negotiated, and return is neglected for too long.

All measure and quotes are obligation free and usually readily available with a few days of initial consultation.

Once measure is finalised, lead times for laying are usually within 1-2 weeks. This may fluctuate either way at busy times of year such as christmas.

We stock all relevant care information brochures at our showroom. Alternatively information can be found on the manufacturers website.

It is recommended that you follow care advice pertaining to your particular product to get the most out of your floor.

All companies supply preexisting warranties with your purchase. Booklets can be obtained from our showroom regarding what the warranties specify in terms of: lifespan, damage types, and area-specific cover.

In Cut pile carpets (twist and plush) foot tracking can occur with no impact on the wear properties of the carpet.

Plush Pile carpets can be subject to permanent pile reversal, also known as ‘pooling’. this does not affect the wear properties of the carpet, and is not relevant to the carpets warranty.

We measure and quote all areas of melbourne and beyond. Please note additional travel charges may be incurred for rural areas.

If you are having more than one product type installed, we will coordinate the best possible order and time frame.

Tiles are primarily supply only, but contact info from one of our experienced sub-contractors is available for your personal use.