Roller Blinds

Choose from plains, textures, jacquards and prints, blockouts, fabrics with clean lines or more distinctive patterns to make a fashion statement in your home. The fabric you choose for your blinds allows you to take control over the amount of privacy and light that you want to achieve.

We custom-make all our blinds to order, so you can choose the style that best suits you and your room. Visit our store for further details

“Roller blinds offer a variety of light control options from translucent to blockout. The light control capability makes roller blinds extremely versatile and an ideal choice for any room.
Our fabric collection offers an array of plain, textured, patterned and screen fabrics, and you can choose from our vast selection of blind styles and finishes. Our roller blinds are easily fitted and can also be motorised using Viewscape motors.”

  • Various styles
  • Sheer Roller
  • Cassette
  • Dual Roller
  • Cassette and Side Channel
  • Bonded Pelmet

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