Auto Awnings

Automatic Awnings are a popular outdoor blind for traditional homes offering brilliant sun protection. These Awnings are highly effective and most suitable for ground level window applications. Automatic Awnings x to the wall and when in the dropped position allow air ow between the fabric and window. Due to the angled projection of Automatic Awnings the hot sun is kept further from the facade and the window is able to be opened. When retracted the fabric is protected year round by a coated steel hood with 17 colours that can be coordinated to any home.

Application Ground floor only.
Operation Pull down stick.
Fabrics Screen / canvas / acrylic.
Hardware Cassette (optional), hood (optional), guides, arms (300mm std), U-bracket, universal fixing bracket (if no hood), stainless steel (available upon request).
Finish Scallop, straight flap with bias, straight flap hemmed, exposed bottom rail, plain finish.

Fitting Options & Colorbond® Colours