Fixed Guide Awnings

Designed to deflect heat and glare while maximising light, ventilation and privacy within the home. Pivot Arm Awnings are projected off the window, allowing space for outward opening windows and air to flow in between the fabric and the window. Pivot Arm is a spring arm awning system which allows the customer to maintain all day shade. It’s versatility allows it to be developed to suit most window sizes and extends to various levels of projection, depending on the customers’ needs.

1st and 2nd Storeys
Operation Spring operated, crank operated, motorisation, centre pulley (upon request).
Fabrics Screen / canvas / acrylic.
Hardware Cassette, hood, L-bracket, fixed guides, stainless steel (available upon request).
Finish Scallop, straight flap with bias, straight flap hemmed, exposed bottom rail, plain finish.

Fitting Options & Colorbond® Colours